imageSo, like her doctors thought, Aidan has Asperger’s Syndrome (based on the DSM-IV) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (based on the DSM-V). What we also learned (but weren’t all that surprised about) was just exactly HOW gifted our child is. We always knew she was smart. We usually say that she’s “Too smart for her own good.” Based on the IQ tests administered, she falls at the very top of the highly gifted range, about a point from the superior gifted range. To be honest, that kind of blew me away. Because of her Asperger’s she has some issues with working memory & processing speed (typical problem areas for Aspies). But, with some neurotraining & education to develop those areas of her brain & bring them up to the same levels as the other areas, her IQ could go even higher…potentially limitless. I feel like my job as her mother just got a zillion times harder…raising a little genius comes with great responsibility.