I wanted to clear a few things up…

We have not received an OFFICIAL diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder for Aidan yet.

imageWe had her tested extensively in mid-June & we will receive the results in mid-July.

Because her psychiatrist & the neuropsychologist both said she presented as a stereo-typical girl with Asperger’s Syndrome, we are acting under the assumption that she has Asperger’s until we learn otherwise. I think it would be counter-productive to do otherwise.

I, personally, do not consider an ASD diagnosis to be a bad thing. For years we’ve been struggling with “what’s going on, why does she do this, why does she behave this way, is it us?” And to be honest, getting a diagnosis that tells us that it isn’t anyone’s fault takes an enormous load off my heart & my mind. We can research & learn how to handle a child on the spectrum.

My mother gave me the best piece of advice I think I could’ve possibly received in all of this. She told me that Aidan is still Aidan, no diagnosis or label changes that & we still love her, regardless. Amazing advice that I’ve taken to heart.