Today is the first day of second grade for Aidan.  I truly cannot believe that she is in second grade already.  When I taught in Georgia at the little Catholic school right off post, one of my best teacher friends was the 2nd grade teacher.  Her name was Mrs. Zimmermann, but Aidan, who was 3 at the time, called her “Mrs. Cinnamon”.  Aidan went to Pre-K there at the time and after school, I’d hang out in Mrs. Zimmermann’s room, talking about the Journalism team (I helped her run the team since I was the technology teacher).  Aidan would play with her daughter, drawing on her whiteboard, spraying it with water, erasing it and starting over.  Mrs. Zimmermann’s daughter was in 2nd grade then and I remember thinking how big she seemed and how little Aidan seemed.  Now Aidan is that age.  Time goes by so quickly!

First Day of Second Grade

First Day of First Grade

First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Pre-K

She’s grown up so much from age 4 to age 7! I guess I don’t see it because I’m with her everyday but when I look at pictures like this, it’s so obvious! My baby is growing up into a little girl!  Before I know it, she’ll be asking for car keys and going off to prom!

Edited because I found the real photo from her first day of Pre-K.