As you probably already know, Father’s Day is rapidly approaching on Sunday, June 17.  My step-father, Aidan’s Papa, is a super easy person to buy for.  He is a huge lover of all things wine, travel & Texas History. On top of all that, he is  completely crazy about his six grandkids.  So, anything I can find that relates to wine, travel, Texas or says something about being the world’s greatest Papa, he’s going to love.  He is super easy to shop for for Father’s Day (or any other gift-giving holiday).

My husband, on the other hand, is the world’s most difficult person to shop for!

He’s a gamer, but doesn’t advertise the fact by wearing t-shirts or anything like that.  For example: A few years ago, I got him a “Pwn Star” t-shirt.  (“Pwn” is l33t speak for pown or “to own”.  A gamer term.)  I think he wore it once.

He’s an officer in the Army but that doesn’t define who he is, nor does he walk around advertising what he does.  Another example: I got him a t-shirt that said “Blue Falcon, buddy is only half the word.” (It’s very much a military thing…suffice it to say, it was a joke he & his roommates in OCS talked about…they called their room the “Blue Falcon’s Nest”).  I think he wore it once or twice too.  I saw another t-shirt that said “Secret Squirrel”, suggested it to him (he wears A LOT of t-shirts, it’s basically his civilian uniform) and was forbidden from buying it.

He loves technology but isn’t a gadget geek (that’s me…I LOVE gadgets). Anything tech that comes into our house, he purchases because he wants to review the specs, the Consumer Reports, etc.  Basically do all the research on.

If I buy him clothes, but those aren’t looked at as “Ooh wow, thanks for the new outfit from Old Navy!” they’re looked at as utilitarian and necessary (is it the soldier in him?)

Lest you think he hasn’t a sentimental bone in his body, he has nearly everything Aidan has ever made for him, most of it hanging in his office, right next to awards from the Army.  She has it easy, make him something, put “I love you Daddy” on it and he treasures it forever.  Meanwhile, I’m at a loss.  They drew and colored a Coke can together (art is something they share), he framed it and hung it in his office.  He has a foam necktie with “I ❤ U Dad” that she made for Father’s Day when she was 18mo old in Sunday school in Georgia.  That has hung in every office he’s had since she gave it to him.  One of our movers folded one of her paintings and he got mad.  I guess Father’s Day is easier for kids?

So, I wound up getting him what he asked for, a Craftsman tool chest.  He’s quite the handyman around the house (he actually built me an upholstered headboard…post to come about that) and does other handy stuff like install ceiling fans & I think he gets tired of his tools getting spread out.  So, off to I went to find him a nice Craftsman tool chest/cabinet.  It’s the Limited Edition Black & Platinum set.  I got quite a deal too, the bottom cabinet portion was originally $329 and the top chest was originally $269.  Sears marked the bottom half down to $155 & the top half down to $145 AND I didn’t have to pay shipping because they’re in stock at the store so I can pick them up…although Ryan will be getting his gift out of the car himself if I can’t find anyone to lift it out for me, these things weigh nearly 150 lbs together!

Good luck with your husbands & father’s, ladies.  If they’re anything like my husband, you’re gonna need it!

Photos from: Two Paperdolls Shop, Ranger Up, & Craftsman