I keep trying to write this post and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve deleted it. I’ve written it and rewritten it over and over in my head.  It always sounds so much better there than when I try to type it out here. When I get here it always sounds so trite and like I’m trying too hard.  So, here goes, I’m just gonna say what I want to say with no superfluous frou-frou-ey extra stuff.

To the #foodiemamas, I want to thank you all for your friendship, your kindness, your camaraderie, your shared love of good food and your love. You may not know this because I didn’t tell anyone, but you pulled me out of a very deep, dark place last year.  No amount of medication, therapy, and/or self-help could do what you ladies did for me and I will be eternally grateful to you.  When my mother said I “lost my starch” you gave it back to me by giving me friendship and a reason to enjoy life again.

So, thank you Bry, Emily, Claire, Colleen, Melanie, Amanda, & Neven. (My sincerest apologies if I left anyone out!)  You ladies will be in my heart forever.