We’ve all done it. Gotten distracted, out of our usual “getting out of the car” routine and locked our keys in the car. At least it’s an annoyance (if you happen to have a spare stuck under your car or in your purse), at most it’s a call to roadside assistance or a locksmith (or hubby at home with your spare keys) to come bail you out of your jam.

But what if it’s summertime and your baby is locked in there with your keys? Suddenly it’s not annoyance…it’s an emergency.  Accidental lock-ins can quickly turn life-threatening in Texas, especially in the summer. According to the organization Kids and Cars, an average of 37 kids die each year from being accidentally locked in the car.

Pop-A-Lock San Antonio provides free, 24/7 locksmith services if a child is locked inside.  As a locally owned locksmith company, Pop-A-Lock San Antonio is happy to offer their services to the community to keep families safe. It’s a completely free service, and it’s easy to use. They work with San Antonio fire departments, so parents can simply call 911. To get even faster service, parents can call the direct number at 210-637-0303. There’s more information about the free emergency door unlock program on their website, www.popalocksanantonio.com. Pop-A-Lock has rescued thousands of babies, toddlers, and older kids and seniors who couldn’t get out on their own.

Don’t let your family become a part of the statistics.


* I was not compensated in any way for this message. I was asked by Pop-A-Lock of San Antonio to provide this public service announcement.