Seeing all these Bluebonnet pictures have reminded me of Aidan’s first Spring.  She was 10 months old, we were about to PCS to our first duty station and I was cramming in all the Texas I could…sounds like now only 6 years later!

We drove into Central Texas to Brenham, found a flowery spot, I dressed her in her Easter finery, sat her on a white towel and started snapping photos.

We have this one framed in our house.

Unfortunately, we haven’t done Bluebonnet photos since then. We lived in Georgia for 3 years, then when we got back, Texas had some of the worst droughts ever. This year we just happened to get rain at the right time, late winter & early spring & have had a beautiful Bluebonnet season. Hopefully we can get some new ones, just in time to move again!