I hang with a bunch of San Antonio area moms on Twitter who are into food in a serious way.  We call ourselves #foodiemamas.  About a month ago we decided instead of just talking about all of the great places to dine here in San Antonio, we should start going to them!  We started getting together in December 2011 for brunch at Chef Andrew Weissman’s osteria ilSogno.  This month we chose Chef Quealy Watson’s quirky retro diner The Monterey.

The Monterey serves local, sustainable, non-factory-farm foods and you can definitely tell by the flavor.  When I got there at about 10:30, I hung out at the bar to wait for the rest of the mamas.  I ordered a Cava mimosa and watched as the bartender squeezed the orange juice fresh right before me.  I was quite impressed…so impressed, I had three! 🙂

Because they source the food locally, the menu is ever changing and evolving. Ryan & I ate at The Monterey in November for our anniversary & the menu has changed vastly already from then. All of the dishes are very creative, with fun and surprising combinations offering amazing flavors!

Once the whole group arrived, Bryana, suggested that we order some fries.  These are not your Mama’s Fries!  I could’ve eaten the whole plate myself (but I had more food coming so I restrained myself.)  The fries were sprinkled with salt.  The plate was served with two sauces, one was a creamy cheddar sauce and the other was a sweet, honey mustard with bacon.  I couldn’t decide which sauce I preferred.
The Monterey offers a large selection of entrees for brunch, from sweet to savory and breakfast foods to lunch foods.  I tend to enjoy savory foods for breakfast/brunch so I chose the Eggs Robert, their take on Eggs Benedict.  It was a tough choice between this and the BBQ Shrimp & Grits.  I ADORE BBQ Shrimp but was really in the mood for eggs so the Eggs Robert won out.  My friend, Emily got the BBQ Shrimp & Grits.  I have to say, once I saw her picture, I was more than a little jealous. 😉  The Eggs Robert dish was fantastic.  The hollandaise sauce was creamy and rich and the English Muffin was light and fluffy.

After eating, we were hanging out & chatting and up walked one of San Antonio’s celebrity chefs, Chef Johnny Hernandez!  He was a judge on the first episode of Bravo’s Top Chef Texas, filmed here in San Antonio, he’s the chef/owner of La Gloria Ice House and, as he let us know about today, he’s working on several new concepts, Casa Hernan and La Fruiteria.  It was awesome to get to meet him & get to ask about his experiences working on Top Chef, and his ideas about bringing some of the chefs back for the Paella Challenge at the Pearl.  Can’t wait for that event!  Maybe the Foodiemamas can get together for that one!

It was such a great morning, the nine of us had such a great time!