Have I mentioned that my girl is something of a budding young artiste?

Ok, ok, I know all parents brag about how talented and brilliant their kids are (and mine totally is) but Aidan really does have artistic abilities that we’re working on developing.  Both mine and Ryan’s families have artists throughout (somehow it skipped me!) and we’re pretty sure Aidan got a double dose from both of our sides.  Drawing and creating is her favorite thing to do.  She’d rather do that than anything else.

Last summer she won a scholarship to the Southwest School of Art Summer Program and also attended a week long children’s art program at the Glassell Junior School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts – Houston.  We’ll probably re-enroll her in the MFAH program again this summer.

Here’s some of her latest work.  She likes to watch her favorite shows, pause the TV & then draw what she sees.

Wubbzy from Wow, Wow Wubbzy!

Max from Max & Ruby

Delores T. Rex from Dinosaur Train

Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat


Cherry Blossom