Aidan is a very fun, outgoing little girl. She talks to everyone & is friendly to everyone but, like her mama, it takes her awhile to make a good friend.  She’s finally made a good friend at her new school, a little girl in another class named Bella.  When we got back to school on Tuesday after the break, you would’ve thought they hadn’t seen each other in years.  Hugs and squeals and “I love yous” were flying.  It was so sweet, it made my heart swell.

On Wednesday I asked Bella’s Mom if she’d like to get the girls together for a playdate and she was excited about it too.  They’ve only been down here since August & Aidan was Bella’s first good friend too.

So, Friday after school we went with Bella, her mom & her little sisters to the park on base to go play for the afternoon.

Tons of playground equipment, specially designed for children’s growth and development and what do the girls choose to do the majority of the time? Climb trees.  I told them they were like a couple of cats.  Fine going up…scared to go down.  I usually had to lift them out of the trees. Silly girls.  Anyway, that’s my child with her rear end facing the camera and Bella in pink behind the tree.

Two silly girls in a tree.

Bella in a tree.

My little cutie, in a tree.  Between the wind, a day of school & an afternoon of hard play, her hair was WILD.

When the afternoon was over, both girls were begging to get to play again on Saturday.  I’m so glad they found each other & are friends now. 🙂  My heart is full.