Aidan is in first grade, attending a school on a military base.  The kids she is going to school with are a rainbow of diversity but it’s no different than any other school she’s ever attended, from the public school the last two years, or the post pre-school at Ft. Benning.  Military kids just tend to be a microcosm of the nation…incredibly diverse.

Ryan & I have made a concerted effort, ever since Aidan was old enough to notice that some people have different colored skin, to tell her that God made everyone different, we’re all the same on the inside and the color of our skin doesn’t really matter.  I’m pretty sure we’ve been successful.  She treats everyone the same, regardless of race.

Her classmates, on the other hand, have not been hearing the same message at home.

Today at recess, Aidan tells me, two of her classmates informed her that unless she had coffee colored skin, she was NOT allowed to play in the sandbox (her favorite place to hang out during recess).  My child, apparently has peach skin, and was denied entrance, so she lost it and acted out.  The teacher on duty, saw only the action & didn’t hear the interactions so only Aidan got in trouble.  Aidan told me she knew she should’ve ignored them or used her words but I can see where she was coming from!  Geez louise!  First graders banning another first grader because she’s white?

I have to say, I’m nervous about what February & Black History Month might bring.  Will this further empower these students’ bad behavior?  I prefer to raise my child to be colorblind, that race doesn’t matter, that God made everyone different but everyone the same.  I do not want the school to undermine my teaching.

Photos from EracismThe Best Friend & The Worst Enemy