Ok, kids. After much poking and prodding from my fellow San Antonio moms, I’ve decided to dive back into the blogging world.  I went back thru this blog, fixed up all the photos with broken links, redid the header, gave it a new name, and just generally fluffed and puffed the whole she-bang.  I enjoyed re-reading everything.  I’d forgotten a lot of what went on in the day-to-day life while we were in Georgia and Ryan was deployed or in OCS.  It was neat to catch up.  I guess it’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve blogged last.

Lets see, what all has happened since I last blogged.  I did the whole small business thing.  I opened Stella Sola, making children’s clothes for sale in boutiques (I got up to 3 at my peak), online and custom orders.  I did that for nearly 2 years.  It completely burnt me out on sewing, which was sad because I got into sewing for Aidan.  I took about a 3-4 month hiatus.  Didn’t go into my sewing room, didn’t think about sewing, didn’t go into a craft/fabric store, nothing.  Then I decided I was done.  Completely done with sewing for people.  I went through my sewing room and donated all of my fabric to Goodwill. We’re talking three full garbage bags full of fabric.  It was such a good catharsis.  I’ve since returned to my sewing room, making part of Ryan’s & Aidan’s Halloween costumes, some sleeping masks and a tooth fairy pillow.

Aidan went through the 2nd half of Pre-K and kindergarten at the school we’re geographically zoned to.  However, when it was time to get ready for first grade, we decided to do an out-of-district transfer to Randolph Field ISD.  The schools are better, all of the students are military kids and it has more of a private school atmosphere.  Her old school went through 3 principals, several assistant principals, cut the art program altogether and cut the GT program to the bone.  We’re much happier with her being on the AF Base.  Even though I have to drive 15-20 minutes to & from every day, the benefits outweigh the commute.

Ryan has been promoted to 1LT and is due up for his promotion to CPT soon (within the next 6-8 months.)

That’s pretty much it.  We’ve just been chugging along!