No, my bloggy friends, I have not been a schlub and been completely slacking off my blogging duties.  I have been super busy since the beginning of 2010.  Let me tell you all about it.

You all know how much I love to sew.  I’ve been sewing for over 4 years, almost as long as Aidan has been around.  Quite honestly, she’s my sewing Raison dêtre.  I had no urge or desire to sew before she was born…that was my mother’s arena and I was more than happy to leave it there.  For years friends and family have been prodding and cajoling and encouraging me to go into business for myself, selling the garments I’ve made and to be truthful, fear is what has kept me from doing so.

Shortly after the new year, an old friend of mine from Houston and I were talking on Facebook and she was talking about a woman that had come into her shop (my friend owns an ADORABLE little boutique in League City) trying to get her to sell her pillowcase dresses.  She told me that they were poorly made, with exposed seams inside that will fray after washing, and she used cheap fabric.  On top of all that, she wanted to price the dresses at $25.00 each.  I can’t tell you what posessed me to jump out there but I asked her if I could bring in some of my work to show her since I’d be in the area in a week.  She was thrilled.

I sewed up a couple of pillowcase dresses and a couple of A-line dresses using some of my good woven cotton quilting fabric and lined everything so there were no exposed seams.  When I took them into her boutique she LOVED them!  I even got a custom order from one of her bow vendors while I was in there (we traded services, she makes GORGEOUS bows!)

The success of getting my dresses in her boutique and the custom order buoyed my confidence.  I set up a Facebook fanpage and have sold 3 dresses directly off of that site in the last 2 weeks.  I established my line’s name “Stella Sola | Handcrafted Boutique Items for Children”, had clothing tags made up and finally, earlier this month, took the big step of establishing an Etsy shop online.

I’m so excited to FINALLY be doing this!  In about a month, I’ve made nearly 20 dresses.  The thing is, it doesn’t feel like work.  It’s fun and I’m really enjoying myself!  Please.  Go check out my Etsy site and my Facebook fanpage.  If you need something for your little angel, contact me, we’ll figure something out!