I think I better post the pictures from Christmas before we’re a full month past the holiday!  We drove down to Houston to see my parents and Ryan’s family.  It was DEFINITELY easier this year, only driving 4 hours instead of 11!  Have I mentioned lately that I’m thankful we’re back in Texas?

Aidan & Grandmommy LOVE baking & decorating cookies together.  Aidan said these were for Santa.  I guess she thought Santa had a BIG appetite!

Dressed up for Christmas Eve Services.  Aidan received this Santa Claus sweater from our friends, The Hasty Family, when she was almost 2.  Both of their girls wore the sweater for several Christmases and they wanted to hand it down to Aidan.  This Christmas she was finally big enough to wear it.

Aidan loving on her Daddy.  Note: Ryan is no longer wearing glasses.  The Army gave him an early Christmas present of PRK.  Thank you American taxpayers!  🙂

After church, we came home to unwrap gifts.  We do gifts to one another on Christmas Eve, unwrapping them one at a time, taking turns from youngest to oldest.  Then on Christmas Day we do Santa Claus for the kids.  My family has done it this way for YEARS and when I go elsewhere and there’s a free for all opening gifts I want to crawl into the fetal position to prevent going into convulsions.  Tradition Nazi?  Who Me?  Yup!  Guilty!

What is this?  She actually thought there was a tiny bicycle in the end of the packaging.  Silly goose!

Helping Daddy unwrap the mug she colored with Grandmommy to give him. (Mama got one too. It’s in my sewing room and holds pens and scissors and stuff.)

Checking the chimney to see if Santa will fit. This is a much cuter picture of Aidan doing this than my mom has of my brother and me doing the same thing. I had a tendency to pull my panties up. High. So, there’s about 8 feet of underwear sticking up over my pants. Very attractive. If I could find it I’d scan it so you can see it.  But luckily for me I can’t so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  I pulled those little girl granny panties up to my armpits.  What a look.

Christmas Morning: “Yep, he ate all those cookies!” (We only left Santa 3, not all of the ones on the trays like she wanted.)

“I got the Princess Tiana Dress! I told you I got the Princess Tiana Dress!”  She’s worn that dress everyday since Christmas.  This kid seriously digs the dress up clothes!

Sitting in her new pink chair from Aunt Melynn, Uncle David & Kaelynn and trying on her goodies from her stocking.  (She has 2 stockings, 1 from my mom and 1 that I made.  The one in front of her is the one from my mom.)

Santa delivered her bike to Grandmommy & Papa’s a little early.  It had been “under” (beside) their tree for a while.  Her other “big” Santa gift was a trampoline.  It didn’t make the trip from San Antonio.  We had it set up in the backyard when she got home from Houston.

After Santa, we headed over to Ryan’s aunt & uncle’s house.  They’re also Aidan’s Godparents.  Their younger daughter, Paige (who is a freshman at Ole Miss), is crazy about Aidan.  Here they are having a tea party before the festivities/craziness begins.

Aidan’s Godparents’ son, Brad, is Ryan’s Godson.  This is Ryan & Brad playing Guitar Hero.  Brad, a freshman in high school, was in 1st grade when Ryan and I started dating.  He makes me feel old.

Finally, everyone arrived, the food was eaten and the melee ensued.  Paper flew like it was snowing.  Aidan got quite a haul!  They all know her well, it was all princess or dress-up related (or both!)

We had a great Christmas and are finally back and resettled into our regular lives.  I have a new job now.  I start it next week and I’ll let y’all in on it when I’ve done it for a bit and can tell you a bit more about it.