I found this adorable little photo album at the Hallmark store in the Quarry Market when I was in there on Thursday picking up a couple of ornaments.  We have four pictures of Aidan with Santa from over the years that I’m honestly surprised I’ve kept up with over 3 moves.  As soon as I saw this album I snatched it up to put her pictures in and put on display on the entry hall table with the Santa Clauses I have there.

6 months old, Nutcracker Market, Houston

On the Left, 1.5 years old, the mall at Macon, Georgia

On the Right, 2.5 years old, the mall at Columbus, Georgia

3.5 years old, Fort Benning, Georgia, Preschool

If you have Santa Claus pictures of your babies just floating around, go get one of these!  Believe me, it’s worth it!