For the first time in three years, I’m going all out to decorate for Christmas.  We lived in Georgia for the last three years and we always came back to Texas for the holidays (usually for an extended period of time) so I never saw much of a point in doing any decorating.  I usually just put out a couple of feather trees, some little Christmassy things and that was it.

NOW, Mama’s in her own house, we’re only going to Houston for about a week and I’m going full tilt!  Here’s the game plan:

Dining Room:  Rustic “Lone Star Christmas” theme.  I have a bucket of cotton bolls that I picked from a cotton patch next to my grandparents’ house in West Texas and I’m putting together a garland that’s either going to go on the window or china cabinet (wherever it’s easier to get it to hang and stay).  The garland three strands and is prelit with clear lights.  I’ve wired in a garland with cotton bolls on it and Texas themed ornaments.  I have Texas themed stuff that’s always in there and then I also have this adorable little “Cowboy Christmas Tree” (as Aidan called it).  It’s a Christmas tree with a cowboy hat on, a rope as garland and chili peppers, horseshoes and other cowboy things as ornaments.  So cute!  I got it at this cute TINY little shop in Flatonia called Rhinestone Angel.

Playroom:  “I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas”  Yep, this room is all for Aidan!  I got a 3-4′ white Christmas tree from the rummage sale I organized at the school where I taught last year.  I found a gorgeous collection of pink princess and ballet themed ornaments (called “Sugar Plum Fairy” appropriately enough) at Hobby Lobby and bought a mess of them.  I found pink Christmas lights and ordered a pink and sequined tree skirt from Kohl’s.  I’d like to find some cheap pink boas and intertwine them with some white garland to go on the windows.

Living Room:  “A Glamorous Christmas”  Since Ryan and I got married, (six years ago last Sunday) we’ve had a “hand-me-down Christmas.”  What I mean by that is, very few of our Christmas decorations were our own, everything was given to us as hand-me-downs by his grandmother.  While they were nice and all, they just weren’t my style.  The old tree got tossed a few years ago after it spent too long outside (here’s a tip, don’t try to store a Christmas tree outside…bugs LOVE them!)  This year, my mom and I went to Garden Ridge and I got a new tree and all new ornaments.  I got a 7′ tall, thin pre-lit tree with lime green (not bright lime, more of a dirty lime) and rich red ornaments.  Lots of crystals, birds, feathers, glitter and a gorgeous green silk tree skirt.  I also have green and red ribbons to go down the tree.  My tree topper is a gorgeous angel with a green silk dress on.  Today at Homestead Handcrafts, I found a GORGEOUS green and red feather wreath for $18!  I swear I thought it was a misprint!  I snatched that sucker up in a heartbeat like I was robbing a bank!

Elsewhere:  Around the house I have a few other random Christmas things.  On the entry hall table I have my Santa Clauses.  I have 3-4 Santas so they’ll go there.  I got a red vintage Christmas table cloth for the kitchen table and a vintage Santa Claus cup towel for the oven.  On the Brylane Home website, I found this great wrought iron stocking stand (which of course is on sale now).  We don’t have a fireplace or mantle so I needed a place to put our stockings.  I also got an ornament tree because I collect an ornament or two every year that represent our year (and then Ryan’s grandmother usually gives us some as well).  Since I’m going with a theme on the tree I needed somewhere to put my ornament collection.

Ryan made me promise not to do any decorating until Thanksgiving is over so I’ve been working on getting it all out, organized, made and ready to go for next week!  My goal is to get it all done by December 14.  Why December 14, you may ask?  To be done in time for the Nesting Place Christmas Tour of Homes!  I can’t wait!!