Right after Halloween we had family pictures made with this amazing local photographer, Nikki from Moxie Photography.  We haven’t had family pictures done since Ryan was home from Iraq on R&R and Aidan was 2, so we were LONG overdue.  Nikki posted a couple of the shots today, one of the 3 of us and one of Aidan by herself.  Oh.My.God.  These are AMAZING!  If these are any indication of the rest of the shots I can’t wait to see them all!!  The only thing is, who is this little person with us?  She’s gotten so big and grown up looking!  She’s growing up right before my eyes.

Here’s the one I can stare at all day.  Her eyes just captivate me.

I mean REALLY!  WHO is this little person?  Where did my baby go?

These are just the first two, I can’t wait to see the rest!