It always seems that I get big news from my best friend, Maria and/or her family (Bonfire falling, Saddam Hussein’s capture, etc).  Today’s news of the horrific shooting at Fort Hood was no different.  I was driving Aidan and myself to my mom’s house in Houston for a long weekend of shopping and girl stuff and I got a text from her asking if I’d heard anything about what had happened at Hood.  Seeing as to how a) I don’t watch the news (military wife and sister self-defense mechanism) and b) I’d been packing and then driving most of the afternoon, the answer was no.  I turned the radio over to a news station and started to learn of the situation.

My heart is broken for those murdered and injured.  These soldiers know that they’ll be in harm’s way when they deploy but they expect their post to be a safe zone.  On top of that, the families were also put in harms way.  An Army post in not only where soldiers train and work but it’s also where soldiers’ families live, their children play and go to school.  To bring hatred and violence to a place of peace is…well, I can’t think of a word bad enough to describe it.  My prayers go out to those families at Fort Hood.

As I was driving, I started thinking back to last year when we were living at Fort Benning.  I was working right off post and Aidan was going to preschool on post.  Ryan was deployed and then from deployment he went straight to schools so he was gone.  I knew NO ONE on post.  All of my friends lived off post, worked off post, and their kids went to school off post.  I started to think, what if something like this had happened last year?  What if post had been locked down like Ft. Hood got locked down today?  There would’ve been NO WAY for me to have gotten to Aidan for who knows how long.  I found out that the military officials shut down land and cell phone lines at Ft. Hood.  What if that had happened at Ft. Benning?  I couldn’t have called her school or ANYONE.  It made me afraid for the wives and mothers who couldn’t get to their kids today.

Offer up a prayer for our soldiers and their families tonight and everynight…we need it.