We take a bit of pride in our pumpkins around these parts.  Ryan loves figuring out what he’s going to carve, picking the perfect pumpkin and then spending an evening a few days before Halloween carving them.  Since Aidan has come along, he carves one for her and one for him.  This year she chose Maleficent, the villainous fairy from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (her favorite movie).

Ryan’s pumpkin for himself took a bit more time but is so very him.  I joked that we might as well hang a sign outside that says “Nerds live here.”  He said it’s good for keeping the Jedi away.

I decided this year to do a pumpkin for myself.  Because I am accident prone, I opted to stay away from the sharp objects for fear that I’d cut off a finger.  I decided I’d paint a pumpkin.  I had 4 white pumpkins so if I screwed one up, I could always chunk it and start over!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I did my pumpkin:

I started by finding and printing a nice script letter “B” for our last name.  I printed it at 400 point in Powerpoint.  Then I colored on the back of the B in pencil and then taped the B to the pumpkin where I wanted.  I then traced around the B, transfering the coloring from the back of the paper onto the pumpkin.  When I pulled the paper off, the script B was left in pencil.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  I painted it using acryllic paint from the craft store and then traced the base of the acryllic paint bottle with pencil to get the polka dots.  Voila!  Super easy!  I really was surprised at how easy it was to do this.  Next year I’m totally getting some Funkins and doing some permanent white monogram pumpkins.

I wish the edges were a little cleaner but I was using a cheapie kids brush because that’s all I had.  But, it’s going to eventually get thrown away so who cares, right?  Next year when I’m doing it for keeps, I’ll get a good brush.

. . . .

Tonight I’m finishing Aidan’s costume, she has her school Costume Parade tomorrow.  I’ll be posting photos of the costume and the little diva tomorrow so stay tuned!