Since Aidan was 5 months old, we’ve been going to the pumpkin patch to revel in the Fall Fun and get our pumpkins for Halloween carving.

The first time we went we were living in Houston.  We went to a church pumpkin patch and she wore her Halloween costume, a lamb.  We propped her up amongst the pumpkins (she couldn’t quite sit up on her own yet.)

Her second pumpkin patch adventure was in Georgia.  We had recently been shipped to Fort Benning so went to Best Nursery in Fortson, Georgia.  Here she was a little bit over a year old.

Our third pumpkin patch adventure.  Aidan was a little over 2 years old here and Daddy had been deployed to Iraq for about 6 months at this point.  The good Army family that we are, we carried on our traditions even though Daddy was deployed.

Last year was our 4th pumpkin patch adventure and our last one in Georgia.  Daddy was home from Iraq and in Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning so we were blessed to get to have him join us for pumpkin picking!

Today was our 5th pumpkin patch adventure and our first in San Antonio.  We went out to the Pumkin Extravaganza at Devine Acres and it was head and shoulders above the rest as far as pumpkin patches go.  There was SO much to do there!  We had lunch, fed baby goats, went through mazes, took a hayride, painted a pumpkin, got our facepainted, played on the playground, looked at the chickens, ducks and geese and walked around their well-manicured grounds.  We wound up spending 3 hours out there!  I’ve never spent longer than about 30 or 45 minutes at a pumpkin patch before!  If you’re in the San Antonio area, I highly recommend it!

Here’s my favorite picture from the day:

Look at that sky!  What a gorgeous day for a wonderful family tradition!