I’ve added another piece to the art wall behind the television.  I was cruising around Ebay a couple of weeks ago and found this amazing old crate up for auction.  I wasn’t interested in the whole crate so much as the end piece with the lettering.  The wood is old and patina’ed and I loved the fact that it says “Gulf Coast Bee Company” since Ryan & I were raised on the Gulf Coast.  The lettering is beautiful.  You just don’t see packaging like this anymore.  (Click here to see the seller and what else they have to offer.)

Here it is on the wall with my Hudson Goods clock:

I also bought a vintage European license plate on Ebay (the ad says it’s from The Netherlands, 1965-72).  I liked it for the font and shape and thought it might keep the wall from getting too primitive/rustic looking.  I’d prefer for the look to be a little more eclectic.

Here’s the photo from the Ebay ad (I’ll photograph it on the wall once I get it and hang it up):

Click on the image to go to the seller’s store on Ebay.  I’m thinking this might go above and to the left of the crate piece.  We shall see.