If the truth be told, I’ve never had a real house to decorate for holidays so I think I’m going a little crazy.  I’m really trying not to overdo it.  Someone let me know if I do.  😉

I’m continuing to add little Halloween/Fall pieces as I find them, both out & about and in my house (I have to start putting all of my holiday stuff together in bins, it gets too spread out!)

Closer to Halloween, the “scared kitty” (as Aidan calls it) will go out on the front porch.  I bought it at an antique shop in Alabama in 2007.  She saw 2 Halloweens in Georgia and will see a few in Texas as well.

I found this “punkin” at Homestead Handcrafts here in San Antonio.  It’s made of all different textured upholstery fabrics and smells WONDERFUL.

I also found this cute little block at Homestead Handcrafts.  I love that shop.  It’s like all the stuff I love on Etsy in one shop with no shipping charges.

The sign and the lantern also came from Homestead Handcrafts.  I went to the one on Thousand Oaks.  They also have a location on Blanco that I’m going to have to go check out.  If you’re in the San Antonio area, definitely go check them out.  Yes, they have a bit of the usual “crafty” looking stuff but there are also sellers there that you can tell keep up with the blogs and what is in style in addition to sellers with some great vintage items.

To sate my little one’s need for “spooky” Halloween decor we went to Michael’s.  We found this styrofoam skull ornament (I cut the string off),

This little “Boo” figurine and…

this “SPOOOOOKY” (as Aidan says it, with “spooky fingers” to make it even moreso) gargoyle.

I’m working on some “poison potion” and “witch’s brew” bottles.  I’ve already got 2 wine bottles with new Martha Stewart Halloween bottle labels on them.  I also painted 3 small bottles with corks that I need to label with disgusting things like “Warewolf’s Blood” (for the red bottle), “Black of Night” (or something equally creepy for the black bottle) and “Lizard Guts” (for the green bottle).