A fellow military wife & family friend of ours, Melissa, left a comment recommending how to hang my wreath using the ribbon and not having the ugly hook showing.

Here’s the not-so-attractive “before”:

SO not cute.  Plus the hook didn’t really fit over the door so it was sort of gouging the frame (YIKES not good!)  I was stumped how to get the ribbon over the door to the inside and secure it.  A nail wouldn’t work because it’s a metal door.  A magnet wouldn’t work because it’s a very heavy wreath.

Then Melissa comments and says, get a Command hook (LOVE those), hang it upside down at the top of the door on the inside and then run the ribbon over the top of the door and tie it off at the hook.  And wouldn’t you know?  It works like a charm!  Such a simple idea but I never would’ve thought of it.

So much more attractive “after”:

To help “gussy” up the front door area, I also bought a nice maroon (WHOOP!) Smith & Hawkin door mat at Target.  I think it helps make things look really nice.

I plan on adding some pumpkins and more Halloween stuff to my teeny-tiny porch when we get a little closer to the holiday.