Today, for the first time in a very long time, we enjoyed cool temps and stormy, rainy weather.  It really got me in the mood for fall so after Aidan’s dance class, we went to Hobby Lobby and I picked up some stuff to make a fall wreath (which was all on half-off), a few new candles for my entry table and some glass beaded pumpkin garland.  I was feeling all warm and fall-ish and then I walked outside…the storms had moved on and left us with nothing but a hot and muggy afternoon.  Did I jinx the coming of fall?  We’re ready for cooler temperatures.  It’s been so hot for so long here.  Fall doesn’t technically get here until September 21 but we won’t have consistently cooler temps until mid-October or later.  Maybe someday I’ll live somewhere with seasons.

Ok, onto the pictures.

I built a very full, fall wreath out of a grapevine wreath and about $10 (well, $20 worth but they were on for half-price) worth of  fall picks.  I attempted to add our last initial a`la Nester and Lindsay but mine just didn’t look as good as theirs did.  I wonder if it’s because their wreaths were bigger than mine?  I dunno.  Anyway.  I’ll find somewhere else to put my Heirloom White “B.”

I tried to incorporate more burgandies/maroons than orange (Gig ‘Em, Aggies!)

If anyone knows how Nester or Lindsay attached their ribbon on the inside of their door, I’d LOVE to know so I don’t have that hook showing.  I’m really hoping our door is protected enough from the wind so my wreath isn’t beaten to death.  The wind blows like crazy here y’all, at least 10-15 mph ALL.THE.TIME.  It’s enough to drive you batty.  I think it’s from all the open fields around our house where the rest of the neighborhood was supposed to go.

Here’s the glass beaded pumpkin garland.  I liked it because it looked like a vine of pumpkins growing but had a little sparkle too.  I think I need to add a runner underneath it, though.  I was thinking burlap, what do y’all think?

(Wow, I really should’ve dusted my table before taking the picture!  Yikes!)

And here is my seasonally decorated entry table.

When we get closer to Halloween, I’m going to get some real pumpkins to put out on the porch.  I was thinking white but now that I have the fall wreath out there, I’ll probably do orange ones so they’ll coordinate.  That reminds me.  I have a wooden black cat that I need to find to put out front.

Maybe if I will it hard enough, fall will come?