Every Friday the talented Julia at Hooked on Houses hosts a blog party called “Hooked on Fridays” where we bloggers can post what we’re currently hooked on, or as she puts it “to celebrate the things that make us happy.”  I’ve always loved reading the various entries to this party but this is my very first time to play along.

Have you ever heard the question “Are you a beach person or a mountain person?”  I’ve never been able to answer that question truthfully.  The beach is ok.  I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast, I’ve spent nearly every summer of my life at one beach or another but I find beaches to be dirty and I burn far too easily.  I like beaches but they’re just OK.  Mountains are nice but growing up in the coastal plains of Texas I never really had much experience with them.  I’ve visited Colorado a few times and I think the mountains are pretty but the snow and ice that goes with the mountains are not my cup of tea.  Nor is the altitude sickness that I inevitably get when I go up on one of the taller mountains.  So, getting back to my original question, I’ve never been able to answer except for “neither.”

That is, until we moved here and started exploring.  I can now answer with an unqualified “I am a Texas Hill Country Girl!”

I’m hooked on the rolling landscape and the gorgeous wildflowers (particularly the bluebonnets) that bloom in the spring.


The native limestone and Lone Stars that you find on the homes and buildings.



Finding unusual crops, like lavender, in tiny Central Texas towns.


And enjoying all that the land has to offer, in the way of “toobin'” the Guadalupe & Comal Rivers.


We are positively hooked on Hill Country Livin’.

Carry On by Pat Green

Baby’s just a little bit tired of the city
Billboards and B.S. got her down
Seems like you need a little hill country
A little back roads drivin’
A little bit of the old top down

Everybody’s gotta get away sometime
Forget about yourself for awhile
Seems to me that all you need
Is a rag top car and a ride with me
Okay, all right
Just might get a little high tonight
Okay, all right, carry on