If you know me at all, you know that I have loved Southern Living at Home for YEARS!  I sold it for a minute when Ryan and I were engaged and first married.  I got my mother and her neighbor hooked on it and now they depend on me for periodic fixes.  😉

I love that SLAH items are so versatile and durable.  You can use them in any number of ways!  If you have one of their items and are only using it in the way it’s designed, you’re missing out!  Think outside of the box!  If you have a hurricane, take the candle out of it, wash it up and use it to serve lemonade on the deck by the pool.

Throughout the month of August, I will be hosting a Southern Living at Home Blog & Catalog Party.  And, anyone who spends $29.95 can get a 1 year 2 year subscription to Southern Living magazine for 50% off! ($19.95=$9.95)

Take a look at some of the gorgeous new vignettes from the Fall 2009 Catalog!


This is on pg. 33 of the new catalog.  I love the colors in this vignette.  This is the Santorini Urn, Damask Wall Accents and the Villa Appetizer Tray (found on pg. 10).  See, you don’t have to only serve food on the appetizer tray, you can use it in decorating!  I love the neutral color of this tray and the beaded edges.  This whole vignette would look fabulous in my bedroom!

Let’s start thinking about fall, shall we?  It’s closer than we think (even if it is 100 degrees outside!)


This photo is from pg. 25.  Doesn’t it make you want to put on a warm sweater and rake some leaves?  No?  Just me?  Ok.  This is the Galveston Wall Shelf.  (I must admit: I love the name, honoring one of the South’s most historic cities.)  This shelf works just as well inside in the mudroom, out on the sunporch or by the garage door to collect all those little odds and ends that always tend to collect by doors (you know the stuff!)  You can see here that it’s easily decorated for the holidays.  A few gourds and a wreath and boom, it’s ready for the fall!  A cross, some excelsior, a few Easter eggs, a redone wreath and it’s ready for Springtime!  That easy holiday decorating…my kind of decorating!

Finally, Christmas!


I love this idea for Christmas!  On pg. 41 of the new catalog, you can do either real or faux plants (if you have a brown thumb like my mom and me) in the Botanica Tiered Planter.  You can also remove baskets if it’s a little too high for the look you’re going for.  Or, if you want to use it to hold bowls to serve food or hold towels in the kitchen or bath,  the coconut fiber liners lift out for additional versatility!  The lanterns are called the Carriage Light Lanterns and are inspired by the English buildings that once housed horse-drawn carriages.  They can be hung with ribbon or raffia or sat on flat surfaces.  They’re designed to used with 3″ pillar candles.

If any of these or anything else in the catalog catches your eye, click here.  If my name, Tara Burkholder, doesn’t show up as hostess, enter it, then you can enter your order to your little heart’s content!  If you have any problems, email me and I can either email you or call you and walk you through it.  If it doesn’t work electronically, we can do it the old fashioned way with an order form and a pen!

Y’all have until August 22 to shop!  Enjoy perusing the new catalog, I sure did!!!