I haven’t posted any pictures of my girl in a while.  We’ve been so busy with the house and getting settled in that I guess I’ve been distracted.  Bad Mama!  Ok, look out, I’m gonna make up for it!

As I was getting her dressed today, I told her if she cooperated we could play fashion model and I’d post the pictures on my blog.  That got her quite excited.

She wanted to show me how she could spin around…I think that’s what this was.

No, this is definitely a spin, maybe the one above was a kick?

“Look, Mama, I can jump high, wanna see?!?”

“Wasn’t that SO high?”

This girl is fierce! Workin’ her angles!

Angelic?? Nah, you just can’t see the horns holding up her halo. 😉

Ta-da!!!! The End!