I mentioned on a previous post, that I had purchased a few items from Goodwill for Aidan’s new Big Girl Room and that I had additional plans for them.  So here I am.  Last week, while Ryan was painting her headboard, I was spraypainting those items.  However, our whites didn’t quite meet up (even though I was the genius that bought both of them…at the same time even…I blame it on trying to keep an overly rambunctious 4 year old from launching my iPhone through Home Depot).  The headboard was painted with Glidden’s Dove White.  A very clean, bright white.  The GW items were spraypainted with Valspar’s Porcelain, a creamy, off white that looked old and yellowed next to the clean bright white of the new headboard. 

Here are the befores:

Cranberry colored shelf, $2.00 from Goodwill

Brand new gold plastic frame, 99 cents from Goodwill

Black and gold (poorly) distressed metal butterfly house, $3.00 from Goodwill (my lovely assistant is holding it up for me to photograph)

Here are the first afters (or second befores, depending on how you look at it):

During the interim, I found a great frame made out of metal and that’s very heavy at a cute thrift shop called ” The Green Door”and bought some new paints, at Home Depot in pink, purple and aqua to go with her bedding.

Here’s the before on the new frame:

Grey-green metal ornate metal frame, $4.50 from The Green Door Thrift Store

And, the final afters:

I still haven’t decided how I’m going to pull all this together yet.  I have a longer white shelf that’s a lot like the shorter one pictured here that I can put stuff on.  I’ve ordered a monogram decal from a seller on Etsy that I want to put on a canvas (if it’ll ever freakin’ get here!) and I ordered a vintage Snow White poster in French (my girl has a thing for the Disney princesses but I will not do a room in the Disney princesses) on Ebay.  So, we’ll see what happens.  I’ll be posting along!  Happy Metamorphosis Monday!