Carmella over at Southern Fried Dreams is hosting a Southern Living at Home Style Party and Giveaway today.  I LOVE SLAH.  I used to sell it a hundred years ago, I have a lot of it in my house but I haven’t been to a party in ages (oddly enough I never got invited to a SLAH party in Georgia…isn’t that weird?)  I plan on hosting a Southern Living blog party in August so if you like what you see over at Southern Fried Dreams and here and elsewhere in the party, stop back by during my blog party in August and order some stuff!!!

Here are my (ancient) pieces…a couple of which I can’t even remember the proper names of!

This is the larger of one of their hurricanes (the candle is not SLAH).  I’ve done all sorts of stuff with this hurricane.  The cutest was filling it about halfway with Easter colored candies and then nestling putting a cup in it with water for flowers into the candies and then putting spring colored blossoms into the water cup.  Then you can tie a cute bow around the narrow part of the base. You can’t see the water cup, the candies cover it up and it makes for a very festive centerpiece.  You can do this with any holiday that M&Ms makes themed candies for!  You can also put coffee beans and nestle a candle down into it.  Light the candle and the warmth of the candle heats the beans and you smell the coffee beans.  Great for a brunch.

This is my five and a half year old wedding bouquet that has survived approximately 6 moves (knock on wood) resting in one of SLAH’s retired bubbled glass vases.  I love this vase for my bouquet because the base is the perfect size for the end of the bouquet and there’s little chance of it tipping.  I actually have a number of SLAH’s vases in various sizes and shapes that I use when I get flowers…I just don’t get flowers that often.  I may have to start getting myself flowers!  🙂

Frequent visitors to this blog have seen this Jamestown Tray fairly often.  I use it on my entry table to create seasonal vignettes.  I love it for it’s versatility and classic good looks.  It looks just as good serving food as it does hanging on the wall.  It looks good at Christmas with greenery on it, in Autumn with raffia on it and in Springtime with Easter eggs on it.

I use the large and small Rosedale Planters around my sink to hold kitchen essentials.  Here in the large one I have a bottle of Method soap, a bottle of Williams-Sonoma lotion and a dish scrubber.  I actually got the idea from my friend, Mary Anna, who sold SLAH for a long, long time and uses her Rosedale Planters for the same things in her house.

The small Rosedale Planter, shown here with a crocheted scrubbie I bought on I think this is just a prettier, more organized way to keep things nice around the sink. Don’t you think?

Another idea that I got from Mary Anna…although she uses the Tidbits. These are the Jamestown Votives (I think that’s what they’re called). I put them in my kitchen window above my sink where they look great all by themselves, but, when I have to wash dishes, I put my jewelry in them. Pretty and functional!

Moving on around the kitchen, this is the Red Mountain Iron Cookbook Holder.  If I used it the way it’s designed, it’s too tippy with my blessings tile in it.  So I turned it upside down and it works perfectly.

This is the Acanthus Centerpiece which I’m using in the corner of my kitchen right now to hold my moving detrius. When you move with the military there’s a good bit of paperwork and you have to keep track of what’s broken and such. This is the perfect size for papers. When we’re done with all that, it’ll get a much more attractive use.

This is a really old piece that retired right as I started selling so I don’t know what it was called. It’s the wine basket. I really like it. I holds whatever bottle of wine we happen to be drinking at the moment.

Finally, this is the Two-Tiered Plate Stand. I use it on our kitchen table to hold plates of food while we’re eating. I’ve used it for parties to hold hors d’ouvres and finger sandwiches. It decorates beautifully.

Sorry this is late. I started this and then our babysitter got here and we had to leave for our concert. Pat Green puts on a FANTASTIC show!!!