In a former life, I had a career in the space industry.  I have a masters degree in space & exploration studies and I wrote several pieces that NASA published on their sites.  But, being an Army wife, I chose a much more portable career and left my love of NASA, and all things spacey, behind.  However, with the 40th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing upon us, all my old “NASA Nerdiness” is getting stirred up.  I got the opportunity to write some “Politiku” for Susana Speier on the Huffington Post.  There were some pretty impressive individuals who wrote Politikus.  One man curates the Apollo 11 portion of the USS Hornet museum.  I would definitely LOVE to see that!

Is my nerdiness showing?

Yep, I admit it…I am a FULL ON nerd.

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40 years and we haven’t really gone anywhere.  I think Kennedy and von Braun  and Goddard and all the other earlygreat space minds would be quite disappointed.  There’s a lot to blame it on.  But, since we’re celebrating a milestone instead of analyzing the downfall of the US Space Program, I’ll save it for another time. 

Congratulations, NASA!