Nester at Nesting Place is hosting a “Price My Space” party today so since we just bought new furniture for our living room and it’s all fresh, I thought I’d play along!  Our living room really isn’t finished, though, I still need to accessorize.  It feels pretty naked to me.

1.)  My striped chair was purchased on Ebay from the McNeeley Girls, a brick & mortar furniture store in North Carolina.  I paid $579.

2.)  Three black solid wood occasional tables (2 side tables and a cocktail table) were just purchased from Ashley Home Furniture Store.  I bought the floor sample and paid $696 (not including tax).  My sister in law bought the same tables when they first came out and paid twice what I paid.  😀  I love a bargain!

3.)  The sofa is my FAVORITE item in the room.  I had been lusting after a Pottery Barn sofa for YEARS but just couldn’t justify spending what they were asking.  After Ryan had a veritible cow when I spent $600 on a chair (he asked if it will do our taxes…he’s not all that familiar with how much furniture costs) I really couldn’t go buy a PB sofa!  So, my friend, Mary Anna, recommended that I go look at Stowers Furniture, that’s where she and her husband bought their sofa.  Last week while Aidan was at VBS, I went over to check it out and found this PB look alike sitting all by her lonesome way upstairs in the back.  Not only did it look perfect, feel amazing when I sat and laid down on it, it’s also a queen sleeper which is great for having visitors.  Being the queen bargain shopper that I am, this puppy was also a floor model so it was marked down from $1500 to $796.  WOO HOO!!

4.)  The black TV stand is also from Ashley Home Furniture Store.  The wide drawers are the perfect size for two rows of DVDs and the small drawers are the perfect size for CDs.  I paid $359 (not including tax) for it.

5.)  The TV/Blu-Ray player and surround sound system is my husband’s baby (which is odd because he rarely watches television…I’m the main TV watcher in the family).  We had an older Harmon-Kardon receiver and Infinity speaker system that was overly complicated and made me nuts (especially since he never used it).  So I encouraged him to look into upgrading…mostly for my own sanity’s sake.  The TV is a 46″ Samsung LCD and the Blu-Ray player/surround sound system is also Samsung.  We purchased it all from Best Buy and spent around $3000.

6.)  Finally, the only old item in the room is a floor lamp that I’ve had for probably 7 years.  I got it from Target and it’s a knock off of a Pottery Barn lamp.  I paid around $25 for it.

Like I said before, I still have a lot of accessorizing to do but the grand total comes to…$5455.  What do you think?  Needs some color huh?