I finally have something in the house finished that I can show y’all!  Introducing the entryway:

I bought the decal from Vinyl Lettering on Etsy.  I’ve put decals on walls before but this was probably the most difficult one I’ve ever done.  I think it was a combination of the orange peel texture on the wall and the delicate little strips of vinyl.  I lost my religion more than a few times trying to get this sucker up!  The crosses are all very heavy iron and other metals that I bought at various antique shops in Georgia, Alabama and here in Texas.  I plan on adding to the collection as I find others that tickle my fancy.








On my trusty old Southern Living at Home tray sit a couple of factory thread spools.  West Georgia used to be a center for mills and textiles.  As developers in Columbus are now buying the old mills to use as urban lofts and shop space, they’ve found many of these old spools.  I bought these at Angel’s Antiques in Opelika, Alabama.  They appeal to me for their history, the homespun and, at the same time, industrial look to them and because I sew and grew up around sewing.  I also like that one of them still has thread on it.



This beautiful, rustic birdhouse was a purchase I made at Ft. Campbell, where my brother, sister-in-law and gorgeous niece live.  I love the doorknob perch. 

I picked the lampshade up at a shop in Columbus called Finds & Consigns.  I was about ready to chunk the lamps and go for something new until I found those lampshades.  Finds & Consigns is a great little shop that deals in furniture and home decor items.  I wish I’d found it sooner!  I only stumbled upon it about a month before we left.  If you’re in West Central Georgia or Eastern Alabama, definitely go check them out!