When we moved into our old house on post in Georgia, I bought some little plates and a stand from Kirkland’s.  They worked in our old kitchen but I knew they wouldn’t work in our new kitchen once we moved.  I thought about taking them to Goodwill but I decided to hang on to them and see if and how I could transform them.

Here they are, shortly before I painted them.  Ask any of my eighth graders from this past school year…I HATE the font Comic Sans. Hate isn’t even a strong enough word…it should be eliminated from all MS programs!  (Apparently I’m not alone)

(Photos Deleted)

I took my Valspar Porcelain White to them and banished all that evil Comic Sans.

Then I took some “Family” rub-ons from my old days as a scrapbooker and added some lovely words that mean a lot to us, put the plates back in the plate holder and hung it in the kitchen.

If you can’t read them, they say: “Love One Another”, “Family”, “Togetherness”, and “Cherish the Moment”.  I’m jazzed about how they turned out!  Whatcha think?