Remember that job interview I had a while back, before we left to come to San Antonio?  The phone interview went great.  The principal seemed really interested and then called me back a week later asking if I was still interested in the position.  Sounds good, right?  She said that she wanted all the new people to come in and meet with the priest so we scheduled a time for that to happen the day after I got into town.  I showed up at the school dressed up, not in a full-on interview suit but dressed up.  Dressy capris, heels and a jacket.  I thought I was hired, I thought I was meeting the priest.  Nope, I was interviewing again with the principal, 2 teachers and (in the priest’s place), the president of the parents’ council.  It would’ve been nice if I’d known I was interviewing again so I could’ve worn my suit.  Anyway, I was asked all the same questions again that the principal asked me over the phone and I gave the same answers.  I thought I was doing good until I accidentally mentioned that Ryan had been deployed to Iraq and my faith got me through the 14 month deployment (I was being asked about how my faith is a part of who I am).  I saw the parents’ council lady write “Husband military?” at the top of my resume’.  Well you might as well have stuck a fork in me then because it was all over.  I left feeling like crap and then got an email on Saturday telling me that I wouldn’t be hired.  Yep, we’re military, damn it.  My address on my resume’ says Ft. Benning and we moved to friggin’ “Military City USA” and your school is the closest one to the Army post in town.  Don’t act shocked to find out an applicant is a military wife.  I’m sick and freakin’ tired of being discriminated against because we’re military.  Schools need to get it through their thick skulls that there are a lot of military wives that are teachers.  It’s a nice, portable career for women who get dragged from pillar to post every 3 years.  Grr…I’m really frustrated.  I thought I had it all secured until this load of crap got put in my lap.

. . . .

In other news, does anyone know what kind of plant this is?

The color of the flowers didn’t show up well, the flowers are purple.  I saw them all over my parents’ neighborhood in landscaping and I just love them and would like to see if they’d grow here.  So, any thoughts on what it might be?