I made it, I’m here in San Antonio and loving it!  I’ve actually had the week to myself.  On my way through Houston, I stopped at my mom’s and spent Saturday and Sunday nights and left Aidan there to spend a week with her grandmommy.  I came on to San Antonio on Monday morning to get into the house, get in-processed on post and get all of the other logistical stuff done.  Can I tell you how nice it is just have a few days for just me?  I’ve definitely missed it.  I’ll go back on Friday morning to get Aidan and to see one of Ryan’s cousins graduate from high school.

So, a few pictures?

Unlocking the door…she’s mine, all mine!  (The lockbox was still on the door so they could get me my key on Memorial Day).

How should I deal with these windows and this whole wall room in general??


I plan on putting the armoire (that we don’t own yet) in the corner, either 1) the corner by the windows or 2) the other corner of that wall you can see that doesn’t have windows (it meets a half wall).  If I go with option 1, I’ll put the couch that we don’t own yet, jutting out perpendicular to the wall with the window, next to the righthand window and then the chairs (one of which is being delivered 6/1, the other we don’t own yet) against the half wall with an end table and a lamp  between them. 

If I go with option 2, the armoire will go in the corner shown here where the full wall and half wall meet.  The couch will go against the wall with the windows and the chairs will go perpendicular to that wall (where the couch was in Option 1).

Either way, I’m going to have an expanse of wall that’s basically empty.  I really didn’t want to go the route of  “Center the armoire on the wall with the cable outlet. Done.”  I’m trying to expand my horizons and put furniture on angles (I’m a big fan of the 90 degree angle…anything beyond that is stretching it for me).

So, any ideas?  Do you have a totally new idea that my small decorating brain hasn’t even thought of yet?

. . . .

I have a similar issue upstairs in the playroom. 

When I first envisioned this room, I had the idea of a low TV/Media stand to go against the half wall here where you see the outlet.


The cable outlet is on the other side of the room.  The husband of a friend of mine suggested (via Twitter) that we (meaning, Ryan) could run white cable from the outlet, along the baseboards, over the three doors between the outlet and the other wall and connect it that way.  Otherwise, I really can’t figure out a good configuration for this room.  I need a little corner for sewing, the long wall for the couch we currently have and a spot for the chair and a half that Aidan loves to climb all over when she’s watching Noggin.  Plus space for toys.  Am I expecting too much?

I’m thinking this short wall for sewing (the one without the vents), it’s close to the utility room so I could leave my ironing board set up in there and it wouldn’t be in the way.

. . . .

I need my furniture here!!!  It was supposed to arrive today but it didn’t.  Grrr…  Not sure what’s going on with that.  So, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and go shopping…but that’s for my next post.  Found some cute stuff at World Market.