This was my living room on Tuesday night:

The biggest part of our belongings, neatly packed into cardboard boxes.

On Wednesday, they all got loaded onto a truck:

Having the Army deal with the heavy lifting part of moving is one of my favorite benefits of being an Army wife.  I know a lot of military families prefer to do it themselves (DITY moves) and pocket the cash but for me, my time and energy is worth FAR more than the Army could ever pay me.  These people are professional movers, they do this every day.  I HATE packing with a purple passion so I’d much rather they do it.  🙂

In other news, I need a blog name change.  I was thinking about this at about 4am when I couldn’t sleep (our air mattress has a hole in it that we discovered at about 10pm last night so we slept on the HARDwood floor…I feel like I’ve been beaten by sticks).  Any suggestions?  Something Texas/military/crafty?  I dunno.  It’ll come to me.  It has to change though because we won’t be living on post anymore and I’m weird about authenticity that way.

Tomorrow will be my last day with Internet for a little while.  We’ll be driving to Texas on Saturday, I’ll stay with my parents in Houston until Monday morning then I’ll get up and drive to San Antonio (leaving Aidan with them for a week).

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, all!  Catch you on the flip side!