I originally thought I wanted to do her room in pink and zebra but I’m really not feeling it anymore.   I’ve been looking around and have found some cute pink (MUST have pink, MUST!!) and multi-colored bedding and I think I’ve found something I like.

It’s Pottery Barn-ish.  But not at the PB cost.  😉  I think with this bedding I have a lot more colors to work with and it’s not quite so trendy.

I’ve been cruising around Craigslist lately, mostly just browsing but last night I found a white dresser for sale for $30 that looked pretty good in the pictures.  I went by today to check it out and with the exception of a few scratches on the top, it looks like new.  So, home with me it came.  Aidan’s been using her changing table and some Rubbermaid drawers for storage in her room.  When we get to our new house, the changing table is going in the storage room/future nursery so she needed somewhere to keep her clothes that was a tad more aesthetically pleasing than Rubbermaid drawers.  It’s got a couple of scratches on top from wear that we’ll either cover up or paint over.  It’s laminate covered particleboard so I’m not quite sure how well it’d take paint.  Of course Aidan is sleeping in there so no pics.  I’m also not sure if or how to cute-ify it.  Maybe some cute pulls but that’s about it.

For her bathroom, I found these on Ebay:

Pottery Barn Kids Emerson Stripe Shower Curtain Pink

Pottery Barn Kids Brooke Bird Bath Mat

I had a little over $40 in my Paypal account from an order that got returned (Aidan’s birthday present that I ordered from the UK…apparently the company I ordered it from doesn’t ship umbrellas abroad), so it was almost like free shopping.  Almost.  😉  I still want to find her a white wooden step stool.  Her Rubbermaid one that we’ve been using here is functional but not all that aesthetically pleasing.  I can move that one into the pantry to use when I’m vertically challenged (which is often) and Ryan isn’t available to be tall for me.