I am way overdue in updating y’all in what’s been going on in our lives.  We haven’t moved yet.  We’re still in Georgia until Memorial Day weekend.  School has been CRAZY busy!  Since spring break we’ve had field day, a HUGE rummage sale which I co-chaired (we made almost $1000!) and the Book Fair is currently going on.  For some reason we’ve had very little parent help on things this semester so we teachers have really been working overtime (FREE overtime) to get everything done.  Last Wednesday I pretty much singlehandedly set-up our very large book fair by myself.  Over lunch I had 1 parent and 8 or 9 8th graders that I recruited out of their recess that helped.  Other than that it was all me.  By Thursday morning I felt like a truck hit me.  I also have something like 6 or 7 poodle skirts to make by Thursday the 7th.  So, THAT’S why I haven’t been by in a while.

Since I last wrote, I ordered one my one of my chairs.

Now that it’s mine (muah ha ha ha ha!) I’ll let y’all in on where I got it.  I got it from the awesome Sara at McNeeley Girls Furniture in Cherryville, North Carolina.  It’s a market sample and they had it on Ebay for a great price that included shipping.  They’re delivering it to us in San Antonio so I don’t have to worry about it getting here in time or moving it to Texas with me.  I’m really excited about getting it and seeing it in my new living room.

I’ve decided not to go with the apple green chair because, as much as I love the color, I feel like it will limit me too much decor-wise.  I’d really like to get a leather club chair as an accent chair.

This one from Clubchairs.com is on sale for $479 with free shipping and is a recliner.   I really like it and feel like it’ll work well as a neutral in the room.

The couch I had originally wanted is another issue.  I had originally wanted to go with the couch from JCPenney because it so resembled the Pottery Barn sofa but was not as pricey.  Apparently everyone else saw the same thing I did because it’s sold out.  Durn it.  Ya snooze, ya lose.  Not that I’m snoozing; I can’t buy that stuff till the beginning of June.  So, I’m thinking I probably will have to go with the original.  I really like the PB Comfort Sofa in Twill Stone.


. . . .

In other news, I have a phone interview for a history teacher job on Wednesday, so pray, hope, wish, cross all crossables, send good vibes, whatever it is that you do, do it for me on that day that it goes well and she’ll want to see me for a formal interview when we get to San Antonio.  A fulltime teaching job will really do a lot towards helping us pay off debt and build a good-sized nest egg.  We’s tired a-bein’ po.  😉