Sorry I’ve been MIA, we’ve been on Spring Break since last Friday.  During that time I’ve been to San Antonio, house-hunted, been to a job fair for the Archdiocese and am back at my parents’ house catching up on some very much needed rest.  The job fair went well.  It wasn’t incredibly crowded and the schools that I spoke with seemed jazzed that I have a technology education certificate.  Within the next week or two, the schools should be posting their openings for the next school year. 

After the job fair, Papa took Aidan sightseeing around downtown San Antonio while my mom and I went house hunting.  We found the perfect house for us (which, of course was the first house we saw).  It’s only 3 years old, the perfect size and layout for us, only 10 minutes from post, less than a mile from a new supermarket, Super Target and Best Buy and close to everything else we need, including another military installation, Randolph AFB, via I-35.  Just to make sure we weren’t being hasty, we went to see a few other homes.  The second home was in a shabby old neighborhoo, had some kind of weird smell (animal/smoke I think), and we found standing water in the kitchen and black mold in the dishwasher.  We ran far from that house as quickly as possible.  The third house was really nice.  It was a little older and further out from post than the first one and had a really strong dog pee smell in the utility room/pantry which we found odd because the house had a large fenced yard.  Why wouldn’t they leave the dog in the yard?  The house did come with it’s own pre-lit Christmas tree.  I guess the owner or prior tenant left it there and it was in the living room when we walked in.  I wish we could’ve taken it with us because we need one and they’re expensive.

The more I saw the other houses the more I realized that the first house was speaking to me, telling me that it was the house for my family.  Speaking isn’t accurate, yelling is more like it.  We went back and looked one more time and I knew I had to have it.  There’s an office/guestroom downstairs with a full bath perfect for Ryan so he doesn’t have to haul his gear upstairs.  There’s a huge fenced yard with a covered patio for our grill.  Upstairs is a playroom and at one end is Aidan’s room with a walk-in closet (that she’s decided needs to be a playroom) and a bathroom right off the bedroom.  At the other end of the playroom is the future nursery/current storage room and master bedroom.  The master is gigundous.  Our furniture will FINALLY fit and not dwarf the room!  Hallelujiah!  There’s one small closet right off the room and then a walk-in through the bath.  Double sinks, a soaking tub and then a walk-in closet with a window!  Aidan’s favorite part (beside the playroom/closet) is the playground directly across the street.  Of course I told my realtor that I had to have it, what do I need to do to have it right now?

So, I spent most of the first part of the week faxing applications and doing a LOT of legwork!  I spoke with the broker on Wednesday and found out that there was another application that came in before ours…DANG IT!  But, he says, their app doesn’t look good and the owner likes military tenants.  He says he’ll run our app and call on Thursday to let us know.  Omigosh y’all I was praying so hard that we’d get that house!  I emailed friends, posted on Facebook, asking people to pray that we’d be chosen.  I kept thinking…if Ryan can get a top secret clearance, we can get a house, but you never know what someone might not like, KWIM?  Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck.  It was the only one I  could picture us in and I couldn’t imagine going back to square one.  Around 2pm today the broker called and let me know that we got the house!  Yay!

So you’re dying  to see it, aren’t you?

Isn’t she pretty?

The view as soon as you walk into the home.  The first room is the dining room and the room on the other side of the half wall is the living room.

Dining room

Living room

Looking from the backdoor to the frontdoor

Looking from the living room into the kitchen

Half the kitchen (ceramic tile backsplash)

Other half of the kitchen (window looks out onto the backyard)

Downstairs bath

Looking down the stairs

From the playroom looking out over the halfwall at the foyer light over the stairs

Playroom, looking towards Aidan’s room

Master bath

Back of the house and covered patio

Playground right across the street

I’m beyond thrilled, as is Aidan. She was walking around talking Papa and Grandmommy on a tour even though she’d never been there before. She’s already asking to go to her new house.

So, get ready y’all, I plan on posting my decor ideas and bouncing my thoughts off of you!