Today is my 2 year blogiversary!  Woo hoo!  In celebration of my 2 years of blogging I’m going to do a giveaway.  Some fabric, a pattern or two, maybe a book.  Just some goodies from around the ol’ casa to one lucky winner.  Leave a comment on this post with the gorgeous cake (isn’t this cake amazing?) all this week and Friday I’ll have my lovely assistant, Aidan, draw a name for the winner.  Thanks to those of y’all who have stuck around and have been reading along with me through these 2 crazy years.  We’ve been through a lot!  My getting certified to teach and finding a job.  Learning how to sew and all those posts of me asking y’all what the heck some of those pattern instructions meant!  Ryan deploying to Iraq, coming home, going to OCS, going to the  follow-on schools and now getting ready to move back to Texas.  Aidan growing older.  She wasn’t even 2 yet when I started blogging and now she’s almost 4!  We’ve been through a lot together, ladies, and the best is yet to come.  We’ve got some gorgeous old homes we’re going to go look at in San Antonio, our next duty station.  I’m hoping to teach at a private Christian school there and enroll Aidan in Pre-K wherever I’m teaching.  Can I tell y’all that I CANNOT wrap my brain around the fact that my baby is starting school next fall?  It just doesn’t seem plausible.  Didn’t I just have her?  How is she already almost 4?  I’ll also let y’all in on a little secret…when we get to San Antonio Ryan and I are beginning Operation Sibling.  We thought we were done but Ryan really doesn’t want Aidan to go through life as a military child with no siblings, he feels it’ll be too hard on her.  I thought about it and I think he’s right so…we’ll be working on Baby Numero Dos just as soon as we’re back together.  🙂  Wish us lots of luck and fertility!!

Ok, so, leave a comment if you want to win my Second Blogiversary Prize Pack!