Annie at The Bunny Bungalow has presented my humble little blog, Design On Post with this award. I rarely get awards because I’m not really a part of any specific “blogging clique” so this means a lot. Thanks, Annie!  I love reading Annie’s blog.  She enjoys Houston like I should have when we lived there, plus she lives in a beautiful little bungalow in the Heights where Ryan’s maternal and my paternal family came from many years ago.  I adore old bungalows and hope to get into one when we move to San Antonio.  I will definitely be picking her brain for design and decor ideas.  🙂

With this fun little honor comes the great chance to pass this award along to a few other bloggers whose writings particularly enjoy and to let y’all in on whose blogs I enjoy reading:

Robinson County Post – Written by my cousin-in-law, Angela, she is truly a supermom.  She’s raising 2 gorgeous Christian kids, she sews, she quilts, she crafts, she makes awesome cakes and she has time to post to her blog.

Ashley’s Closet – This is one of the funniest blogs I read.  Ashley tells it how it is, flat out.  She has 2 boys who literally keep her on her toes.  Big Kid, her older son, is brilliant, and is likely stalking her via Twitter.  Her younger son, little kid, has a Sharpie fetish and loves to dress up like a cowboy and try to rope anything.  Give her a read, she’ll keep you in stitches.

Fresh Vintage – Colleen has such a great blog.  I would love to be able to do what she does, shop for lovely vintage goodies, write about them in a witty, funny way and then travel around selling them.

Queenly Things – My girl, Vallen.  We were paired up for a swap almost 2 years ago and it was truly serendipity.  I would call her my “other mother” but I’m not entirely sure she’s old enough to be my mother so she’s my cool Aunt Vallen.  I have GOT to get out to CA to meet her and introduce her to Aidan.  She makes gorgeous crafts, has incredible taste with slight threads of bohemian that I love and gives really cool recipes for Mexican food that she learned living in Mexico.