March.  You think green grass, buds of leaves on the trees: spring preparing to ambush (spring does not creep up on you in the Deep South, it plans its attack steathily, hides out behind rocks and outcroppings and then when you least expect it, Spring ambushes you all at once one day in March and suddenly everything goes from dead to green).  Not today.  Today is March 1, 2009, and today in West Central, Georgia, it is snowing.  Big, fat snowflakes.

Aidan woke me up at 9 this morning to tell me it was snowing and to be honest, I didn’t believe her.  To be fair, I didn’t believe the Weather Channel when they predicted it and I didn’t believe anyone I ran into who said that it would snow on Sunday.  As an explanation, I’m very skeptical about snow in the South after having lived in North Dakota.  It just doesn’t snow all that often down here so when someone gets their panties all in a bunch over it snowing, I tend to be extremely dubious.  So, getting back to the story, Aidan told me it was snowing and I made her describe it for me…she told me it looked like snow.  Great powers of description there, kiddo.  😉  I got up and looked out the window for myself and was truly and honestly gobsmacked.  It was snowing,  Not had snowed and had left a little sprinkling of white in the shadowy corners like I expected and is typical of Southern snow but was snowing, present tense, snowing BIG, FAT flakes!

I promised Aidan that if it snowed on Sunday she could play in it as long as she wanted.  My child has the memory of a pachyderm so of course she remembered that.  Aidan LOVED playing in the snow!

Checking out the snow.  It’s sticking everywhere but the concrete…probably because it was 80 degrees yesterday!

Aidan was SO excited about making snow angels…she makes them in the sand at the playground at her school all the time…she quickly learned that making them in the snow is completely different. I asked her to lay back down so I could get a shot of her making her angel. She said “No! Snow is cold!”

Aidan the Snow Bunny

Catching snowflakes on her tongue

Is it just me or does she look SO tall here? Like a kid and not a baby anymore?!?! I hate it when it hits me like that!

Snow sticks to everything, babygirl!

Aidan suggested that we go over to the playground across the street…playgrounds are WAY more fun when covered in snow.

Queen of the Mountain

On the Merry-Go-Round, covered with snow.

It’s still snowing, I have no idea when it started snowing but everything was covered when we got up at 9am. We’ll probably go back out and play in it again. We’re being bad and skipping church…Southerners SO do not know how to drive in this mess. We’re watching it on TV though, so we’re not THAT bad. Aidan loves seeing her favorite Pastor Hasty on TV and keeps blowing him kisses. Happy Snow Day everyone!