I’m dreaming of redesigning the master bedroom.  The furniture we have, while nice and only a little over 5 years old, is not really the right scale for an older home which is what we’re in now and what we’re likely to be moving into when we move this summer (I have a love affair with old homes 50+ years).  The scale is more appropriate for a new home with a big bedroom with lots of space to fill.

I’m currently in love with black bedroom furniture.

. . . . . . . . .


The only thing about this one is that it has brass hardware…not loving the brass, I’d much prefer a more modern designed pull in nickel.

$3295 for Queen bed, dresser, mirror and 2 nightstands

I like the hardware and panels on this one but not the price.


Includes Queen bed, mirror, dresser, and chest

Not loving the balls.  What’s up all the balls all over everything?  Bun feet would’ve looked better.

$2339.35 (Includes Queen bed, dresser, mirror, chest.  The nightstands are not included and are $350 each.)

This is my favorite set.  I like the style of the dresser, it’s reminiscent of some antiques I’ve seen.  I would definitely change out the hardware to nickel from the wood, though.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My living room furniture is looking kinda sad but it’ll probably be a while (ie, until Aidan is old enough to not wipe her grubby mouth or hands on the furniture) before we replace it.  But, I’ll be dreaming of replacing it before too long.  😉