Spring is coming.  It’s finally started to warm up after West Central GA has sat in a deep freeze for the past month or so and all I want to do is sew, sew, sew.  I’ve spent oodles and gobs of money on fun new fabrics and patterns over the last couple of months to sew up into spring clothes because my goal is to not buy Aidan any clothes for Spring.  Except now I’ve got this big honkin’ finger in the way.  I can’t cut, I can’t pin, and I’m not entirely sure I can run fabric through the sewing machine with much control.  Right before we left last weekend I had cut out an adorable Valentines outfit for Aidan for her to wear to school on Friday.  Somehow I doubt that it’s going to get made, dang it.  It’s not OVERTLY Valentiney, just pink and red, so she’ll be able to wear it later but I’m still frustrated.

I get my stitches out tomorrow and am supposed to hear about a referral to an orthopedist as well.  There’s a possibility of surgery to put a pin in to stabilize all the little pieces that used to be the end of my finger.  All I know is I want to sew so my child isn’t naked!