A few of y’all wanted an update on how my new craft club is coming along.  We got started a couple of weeks ago.  We started out small with about 5 kids, 4 girls and a boy.  I showed the girls how to lay a pattern out on fabric that I brought from home, explained selvedge, grainline, how to pin a pattern on and how to cut a pattern out.  The boy sketched in a sketch pad.  After cutting out some of the pattern, the girls enjoyed playing with the scraps (one of the scrap pieces looked like a bikini bottom which set their minds to designing a bathing suit).  Last week the group doubled, 8 girls and 2 boys.  The boys drew and painted and the younger girls brought fabric to do their own version of “Project Runway.”  They would design outfits on each other to model while I helped a couple of  8th graders layout a dress pattern on some fabric one of them brought in.   I really enjoyed working with the 8th graders, showing them how to take big “bites” with the scissors, hold them straight up and down to get even cuts, how to pin with out pinching up the fabric, how to line up the grainline parallel with the selvedge, etc.  The boys worked quietly, painting and sketching, not even minding that they were in a room full of girls.  The younger girls, however, got a little silly playing Project Runway, which I guess is to be expected.  I’ve decided that next week (we’re not having Craft Club this week, it’s Catholic Schools Week and FAR too busy) I’m going to focus on getting the younger girls started on embroidering.  I have a number of Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching Transfers that I haven’t done much of anything with yet.  My plan is to put them on some fabric (not sure what yet…cheesecloth, tea towels, woven cotton, linen, any thoughts?) and put them in embroidery hoops and get them started.  I think this way the girls can talk while they stitch, they can work on it over a period of a few weeks and they’ll have something they can take home to show their parents when they finish.  And, I can help my 8th graders sew while my younger girls embroider.  Sound like a good idea?  So, what kind of fabric to put the transfers on?