I don’t get political on my blog all that often but I couldn’t resist this…I love feisty Texans…ya know since I am one , I married one and I’m raising one.  🙂

Apparently, a large number of President Obama’s Cabinet appointees are going to be confirmed by the Senate after the Inauguration today.  Well, all but one, Hilary…tee hee.

Texas Senator John Cornyn (R), the incoming head of the GOP’s Senate campaign committee, has penned a letter to the incoming Secretary of State saying he’s “deeply troubled that America’s foreign policy and your diplomatic mission will be encumbered by the sweeping global activities of the Clinton Foundation.”

Cornyn can’t permanently block Clinton’s appointment, but he has objected to a unanimous consent motion requiring Clinton to be confirmed by a roll call vote. This forced Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to call a quorum and set up a vote, which would mightily interfere with senators’ inaugural party plans.

“There will not be any roll call votes on Tuesday,” Reid spokesman Jim Manley has stated.

The solution? Push the vote back to Wednesday, when the upper chamber reconvenes for regular business.

Go Cornyn.  Stand up for what you believe in and protect our nation from those who want to use it for her their own personal playground.

All that aside.  I’m happy that we have a new president.  I’m excited that we’re alive to see history being made and I’ll be interested to see what kind of change we get with a Cabinet full of Clinton appointees…except I guess we weren’t supposed to remember that.