Over New Years, Aidan and I went to Bryan/College Station to visit family and my best friend and her family.  We had a wonderful time and except for Ryan not being there (he opted out of the marathon playdates), it was pretty much perfect.

Aidan got to meet her cousin, Norah.  Norah is the daughter of my cousin Jason.  Jason, and his older brother Grant and my younger brother David, and I spent our childhoods together on their grandparents’ land, getting dirty and being kids.  We decorated cowskulls with oil-based paints (my favorite aunt, their grandmother got our fannies out of the fire on that one), hung lace curtains in a pigpen, played in a cattle trailer (and later learned that the “dirt” we played in wasn’t dirt) and had dirt clod wars (older sibs versus younger sibs…should’ve known then that David was a military genius when he knew about flanking maneuvers at 6 years old).   Anyway, I digress.  It was important to me that Aidan and Norah meet since Grant and Jason meant so much to me.

(Their wardrobes weren’t a coincidence, I got them matching t-shirts.)

Based on what I’d read on Angela’s blog, I figured their personalities were so similar they would either get along like gangbusters or fight like cats and dogs.  They got along SO well!  Until it was time to leave when they got upset and you know how that goes!

The next day on New Years Day, we went out to the farm so Norah could show Aidan the goats.

Cut from the same cloth, these girls are, pink boots, purple shirts, green jackets and we didn’t even coordinate it this time!

Aunt Elva feeding Eli, Norah’s little brother (and Aidan, in perpetual motion)

Aidan and Nanook, the Newfoundland, my cousin Grant’s goat herding dog.  That dog is HUGE!

My fearless city girl, riding a goat!

Off she goes!

Look out, Nanook!

Grant is praising Old Bill…he’s good at letting kids ride on him, Norah’s been riding him for a while now.

Aidan had a blast on the farm.  We can’t wait till we’re back in Texas and can go visit more often.  I spent so much time on that land, it only makes sense that our kids would play on the same land.  Aidan had fun stomping around in the dirt in her new pink boots!