I got a gift card to Stein Mart from my parents for Christmas and I found these great jeans by Bandolino (which of course, I can’t find online).  They’re their “Tummy Slimming” jean which I snagged for $30.  I decided to grab a pair of size 10s since my 12s have started to feel like they’re falling off my hips lately.  Today I tried them on just to see how close they might be to fitting and…THEY FIT!!!  I haven’t worn a pair of size 10 jeans since before I got pregnant with Aidan!  The tummy slimming panel works fabulously, sucking in all my baby flab, my bootie is lifted and my legs look skinny.  I’d love to have about 40 pairs of these in every color and texture to wear everyday.

I guess I’ve been holding out on y’all about dieting losing weight.  I’ve suffered from chronic migraines pretty much my entire life.  I had been taking Atenolol as a preventative (and then Imitrex for the actual migraines) but it wasn’t doing any preventing.  I was up to 3-4 a week…so not cool when you have a 3 year old at home and a classroom full of kids.  I went to my real doctor (a “doc in a box” prescribed the Atenolol) who took me off the Atenolol and put me on Topamax.  Topamax is an anti-seizure medication but in lower doses, it also prevents migraines.  An additional side effect for me has been a reduction in my appetite and a change in my tastes.  For example, I now dislike most sweets (I was never really much of a sweet eater anyway but I drank 2-3 Dr Peppers a day).  All I drink now is water and iced tea, Dr Peppers taste bad to me now.  My appetite has been greatly reduced which, as a result, has helped me lose weight!

I really don’t know how much weight I’ve lost and to be honest, I don’t care.  I don’t like scales and don’t like how those little numbers can make me feel bad about myself.  I go by how my clothes fit and how I feel.  I’m totally jazzed that I’m back into a size 10 and I’m never looking back!  My stepbrother is getting married in October, I’d love to be a size 6 by then.  So that’s my goal.  I probably won’t talk much about losing weight between now and then because…well, I’m not really having to try that hard.  I may start exercising…that part I hate…but I’d like some tone.  I might gripe about that some.  😉