It’s New Year’s Eve so I figured I better post my Christmas pictures before it’s way too late. I forgot my iPhone cable so I had to email each picture to myself which is a long, drawn out process instead of just uploading them.


Aidan in her "Mama-Made" Christmas Eve Nightgown

We had a great Christmas. This was the first Christmas in a long while where Ryan and I could afford to get one another a gift. I got him a Wii (which he’s played a LOT and bought lots of accessories and games with his usual gifts of Best Buy gift cards). He let me pick out my own gift. I originally thought jewelry (I am a girl, ya know and it has been a while since I got a nice chunk of gold from my man), then I decided I wanted a serger.  I couldn’t decide on one and about the only place around here I figured I could find one was JoAnne’s so I put that one on hold until my birthday.  I wound up getting a Flip Digital Recorder.  I’ve been wanting one for a long time.  I only wish I had it while Aidan was opening her gifts.  She was so funny and cute about it.  She spouts off with the funniest and most random things now.

Putting out cookies for Santa

Putting out cookies for Santa

Putting out Santas lactose-free milk

Putting out Santa's lactose-free milk

Lookin for Santa

Lookin' for Santa