In the last month I have made a whole-freakin-lot of stockings!

30 for Aidan’s class

Didn’t get any pics of those…they were just little red felt stockings with white felt at the top…quick and easy to make.

1 for my Secret Santa at School

1 for my Swap Partner (my favorite so far…made entirely from my stash)

2 for Mrs. Stokes (Aidan’s beloved teacher)

3 for Aidan’s other teachers

1 for Ryan

1 for me

1 for Aidan (I’m sorta wishing I’d had her name done in bright pink instead of black)

So that makes…

40 Stockings!  HOLY COW!!

Our stockings are hung on the entertainment center with care…with scotch tape.  Yeah, so we don’t really have any stocking hangers.  In my mom’s townhouse that we renovated for her and lived in before Ryan enlisted, he built me a gorgeous mantle to hang stockings from…not doing us a whole lot of good now.  Oh well…they only have to hang from the entertainment center with tape until Sunday.